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Dear parents,


I care for your children, empowering them to soar high towards a bright future.

Welcome to Eagle Nanny, where family transformation becomes an exciting and enriching reality.

Thank you for being here; I understand that every minute you invest in your children is precious and crucial, and I value your time.

  • My name is Eva María Zamora, a COACH FOR TEENS AND FAMILIES dedicated to UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL of young people and transforming challenges into opportunities. I offer you, not just care, but a path towards empowerment and success for your children. At Eagle Nanny, I go beyond the traditional role of a nanny; I facilitate potential, design resilience, and equip your child with the tools to build a bright future.

    In this era of OVERINFORMATION and constant changes,

    ⏩ Did you know that 90% of high-performing professionals are distinguished not only by their IQ but by their EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE? This is affirmed by the World Economic Forum.

    ⏩ More than ever, our children need MENTAL STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, and the ability to manage and channel their emotions towards positive outcomes to navigate an uncertain future.

    ⏩ At Eagle Nanny, I prepare your children to excel in all aspects of life, equipping them with these essential skills.


      You need TIME FOR YOURSELF:

      a dinner with your partner, a business trip, or simply a break, but you want more than just basic care for your children.

      Worried about the EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE

      of your children: anxiety, stress, insecurities, and the constant pressure from social media and technology.

      You want your children to develop REAL LIFE SKILLS:

      effective communication, stress management, and mindfulness techniques adapted for young people.

      Unsure how to address technology dependence

      in our youth and you need them to take some Detox time off for a "disconnect"

    Eagle Nanny is more than a care service; it is a transformation program designed to foster independence, resilience, and creativity in young people. Through a strategic combination of personalized coaching and mentoring, interactive workshops, and enriching experiences, I help your children face the challenges of the world with confidence and vision


    Imagine that....

    ... while you enjoy a well-deserved vacation, an outing with your partner or friends, or a business trip, your children are participating in an "EPIC TRAINING" that equips them with vital tools to face life today and tomorrow.

    During our time together, I offer a comprehensive and deeply enriching approach to your children's development. I do more than just take care of them; I work on their transformation and empowerment through:

      Customized Workshops

      Each child is unique, and that's why I tailor my workshops to meet the individual needs of your children. From mental empowerment to the development of advanced communication skills, my workshops are designed to foster personal and professional growth. I focus on skills that prepare young people to face challenges, resolve conflicts, and lead with confidence.

      Enriching Activities: I strongly believe in experiential education as a cornerstone of effective learning. For this reason, I include:

      🦅 Viewing and analysis of inspiring films: I use movies with a strong focus on growth mindset to teach young people how challenges can be turned into opportunities.

      🦅 Reading and analysis of key books: I select readings that support emotional and mental development, providing tools for self-discovery and personal improvement.

      Enriching Activities:

      🦅 Outdoor Activities that Connect with Nature: Outdoor excursions and explorations not only refresh the mind but also teach valuable lessons about resilience and independence.

      🦅 Sports Practice: I encourage participation in sports not only to improve physical health but also to teach discipline, teamwork, and stress management.

      🦅 Participation in Community Cultural Activities: Visits to museums, cultural centers, and concerts that enrich your children's cultural and social understanding, fostering their appreciation for the arts and history.

      Individual or Group Settings:

      In addition to individual sessions, I also offer the option to work with groups of young people. This setting allows for a learning experience enriched by interaction and the exchange of ideas among participants. This format is ideal for fostering social skills and teamwork while learning and growing together.

    These activities not only promote autonomy and informed decision-making but are also crucial for effective emotional management and the development of a sense of identity and belonging in your children.


      In my commitment to the comprehensive development of adolescents and young adults, I offer customized workshops tailored not only to the individual characteristics of each child but also to their specific emotional, social, and academic needs. These workshops are designed to be DYNAMIC, INTERACTIVE, and DEEPLY TRANSFORMATIVE, covering a wide range of essential skills for success in the modern world.


      Mental Empowerment

      Inspired by the "The Secret Power of Your Thoughts" and "Eagle Mindset and Thoughts" levels of my Mindset Revolution program, these workshops teach young people to recognize and leverage the power of their own thoughts, transforming doubts into self-affirmation and preparing them to be the "masters" of their minds and emotions.

      Resilience and Emotional Management

      Based on my "Epic Emotional Code" training, these workshops help young people master their emotions and develop confidence. Through practical exercises and simulated scenarios, they learn to transform fear and insecurity into courage and clarity, equipping them to face challenges and make sound decisions.

      Communication and Social Skills:

      In the "Eagle Communication" workshop, young people improve their ability to express themselves clearly and listen actively. This workshop enhances ASSERTIVENESS and EMPATHY, crucial skills for building successful personal and professional relationships.

      Organizational Skills and Goal Management

      Participants gain clarity by learning to organize their steps methodically to avoid feeling overwhelmed along the way.

    In the section on my courses and workshops, you can find many other workshops that I offer. I adapt the content to meet the needs of your child.


    My sessions and methodology integrate both MENTORING principles and high-performance COACHING. I have created my own method, which is imbued in all my practices:


      Empowerment: Strengthening young people to rise above challenges.


      Practice: Turning theory into tangible and experiential action.


      Impulse: Breaking barriers towards horizons of limitless creativity and growth.


      Confidence: Cultivating a firm SELF-CONFIDENCE that sustains and elevates.


      Objectives: Focusing on clear and achievable goals that direct every step forward.


    My passion for personal and professional development has led me to dedicate the last five years to deepening my knowledge in this field, training with some of the world's leading experts. Among my mentors are renowned figures such as Dr. Shefali, Marisa Peer, Vishen Lakiani, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lain García Calvo, Robinson González, Tony Robbins, and Carlos Delgado from Level Up, among others. This diversity of guides has enriched my understanding and methodology in mentoring and coaching, allowing me to provide comprehensive and profoundly effective support.

    Experiencia Académica y Profesional:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Master's Degree in International Trade, which complement my strategic vision and analytical capabilities.

  • Teaching Qualification Certificate and Erasmus experience, which enhance my ability to teach and effectively convey knowledge.

  • Fluency in English, enabling me to communicate with and understand families from diverse cultures.

  • ...in some of my trainingS ...

    with Robinson González

    with Pedro García Aguado

    with Laín García Calvo

    Coaching Certifications:

  • Certified as a Life Coach and Conscious Coach, I specialize in supporting adults, teenagers, and young people, which constitute my area of expertise.

  • Deeply interested in the intersection of technology and personal development, I am trained as an Artificial Intelligence Consultant. I believe that AI is not only a field of the future but also a current tool that, when wisely used, can amplify our human capabilities.

  • Community and Personal Commitment:

  • Trained in Conscious Parenting with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, a bestselling author and the world's leading expert in this field, I integrate principles of conscious and positive parenting into my services.

  • Educated in positive parenting and education with Amy McCready, an internationally recognized authority on positive parenting.

  • I incorporate principles of conscious parenting and positive education into my services.

  • Community and Personal Commitment:

  • Active in my community as a member of the Rotary Club in Torrevieja, I am committed to the wellbeing and progress of our youth.

  • Active Lifestyle: I am an enthusiastic athlete, a lover of nature, and passionate about music. These interests not only enrich my personal life but are also integrated into my professional practice, promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle among my clients.

  • Confidentiality in My Services: In my work with clients, I maintain a strict commitment to confidentiality. This ensures a safe and trusting space for you and your family in your own home, fostering an environment conducive to personal growth and transformation.

  • To learn more about my background, my method, and the workshops I offer, I invite you to visit my website. There, you can explore in detail all aspects of my professional approach. Additionally, you can visit my profile on LinkedIn for more information about my experience.

    At the National Beauty Contest in Alicante

    alongside Ricardo Recuero, at the Reinvent Education

    Certified as an international speaker and motivator.

    Are you looking for a traditional nanny or a SPECIALIZED COACH FOR TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS?

    Do you want to leave your children with someone more focused on their phone, nails, hair waves, or social life?

    Or do you want a professional in adolescence and family dynamics, who is also an expert in motivation?

    The choice is clear if you want your children to be not only cared for but also INSPIRED, MOTIVATED, and EMOTIONALLY GROWING.

    Allow me to accompany you on this transformative journey where each young person learns to soar high, ready to face any challenge with confidence and skill.

  • WHERE CAN I JOIN YOU? What ages do you work with?

  • At your home, whenever you need me.

  • During your vacations, providing conscious and empowering support for your children at any destination.

  • On trips with several couples and their children, offering support and activities for the “tribe”.

  • On cruises or boat outings, ensuring that your children not only have fun but also use the experience for personal growth.

  • Consult with me for any other needs you may have.

  • I offer professional, conscious, and positive care for your children starting from the age of 4.

    Specific workshop and coaching activities for teenagers are designed to provide them with their own dedicated space. If you have children of various ages, I will develop an approach that includes enriching activities suitable for everyone, ensuring that each age group receives the appropriate benefits.

  • My Rates:

    ⏩ My base rate is 60€ per hour in Torrevieja (taxes not included).

    ⏩ Check out my packs per hours.

    ⏩ I can travel with your family wherever you need my services, to any destination. Contact me and I will provide you with a quote tailored to your needs.

    Discover how I can help your family reach new heights, and let's plan together a bright future for your children.